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95% HCA 180 Caps POTENT GARCINIA CAMBOGIA ULTRA + COLON DETOX/Cleanse for Natural Weight Loss Improved Digestion

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95% HCA 180 Caps  POTENT GARCINIA CAMBOGIA ULTRA + COLON DETOX/Cleanse  for Natural Weight Loss  Improved Digestion




 95% HCA

180 Capsules = 3 Months Supply in a Single Bottle!

   COLON DETOX Plus NOW at 60%+ Off!! 





(Maximum Potency COMBO PACK  just $32.99!)



 180 Garcinia Capsules = 3 Months Supply in a Single Bottle!


Pure and Potent 2,000 mg Formula

2-4 Veggie Capsules per Day


 Plus you get (w/Combo Pack) Colon Detox Plus at 60% Off 


By taking the advantage of this deal you will save Money $$

 over the individual price (Single Bottles)


What a Deal!


GARCINIA CAMBOGIA ULTRA NOW 95% HCA the most successful weight loss supplement available! Highly concentrated formula with 95% HCA, the strongest strength available, will allow you to lose weight quickly and with little effort! (with  60%+ OFF) for just $32.99 (Before $49.24).

  • Are you fed up with diet supplements that don't do what they claim?
  • Are you ready to truly lose the weight and tired of supplements that do not work?
  • You can lose up to 20 lbs. a month, are you ready?
  • Wouldn't it be great to be able to build lean muscle while losing unwanted fat?


Normal Weight Loss Experiences are 10-15 Lbs or more a Month

  • Safe - NO Side Effects

  • 100% Natural and Potent 95% HCA

  • Controls Appetite and Stops Excessive Fat Production

  • GREAT for Emotional Eaters and Midnight Snackers

  • NON-Stimulant and Caffeine Free




 PREMIUM GARCINIA CAMBOGIA  ULTRA is the strongest, most natural extract  weight loss product you can get, it's designed to help you control the urge to eat and burn fat without negative effects. It contains 100% PURE Garcinia Cambogia extract with 95% HCA, guarantee.


This proven fat burning, appetite controlling supplement was created for one job, to help you get rid of unwanted weight quickly and safely. These powerful capsules are a great addition to any diet, detox or exercise program and the addition of  GARCINIA CAMBOGIA  ULTRA  will help you with noticeable weight loss that is hard to notice when just dieting without it. This very strong formula, now with 95% HCA, will help you lose weight quick and safe.  


 A recent study evaluated customers taking GARCINIA CAMBOGIA  ULTRA and found they improved their metabolism when resting, they had less need to eat and they lost weight without changing their normal diet - due to using this supplement with their daily routine. Our product contains 180 capsules. That is 3 months supply (depending on your goal to lose weight) in just one single bottle!








GARCINIA CAMBOGIA  ULTRA  is a very successful weight loss supplement, increasing your metabolism to cause weight loss.  The large 95% Hydroxycitric acid content (HCA) in the extract stops the body's natural creation of fat from carbohydrates. Your body stops producing so much fat and the fat already stored is lost quicker!


GARCINIA CAMBOGIA  ULTRA, PREMIUM QUALITY, has also been shown to increase the amount of serotonin, the "happy" hormone, made by your body.  Serotonin decreases your appetite, makes the body more resistant to stress and improves your mood, some of the reasons we over-eat. Did you know an increase of serotonin helps you sleep better too?


GARCINIA CAMBOGIA  ULTRA, the "Holy Grail for Weight Loss" is a "multi-beneficial" product helping to control the reasons you gain weight while improving your weight loss ability, giving you up to 3 times the amount of results you get from just dieting or working out alone. Because it is a maximum strength with 95% HCA, truly formula, our garcinia is highly respected among those that are experts in weight loss. It is thought to be the most successful Garcinia Cambogia product available as weight loss natural supplement with NO side effects. 



RECOMMENDED USE:  As a dietary supplement, take 1 (One) veggie capsule three times daily (1 per meal) 30 to 60 minutes BEFORE a meal on an empty stomach with 8 oz of water. For BEST results, take 2 capsules before a meal and up to 4 capsules per day or 2,000 mg (Maximum dose).



If you start losing more than 2 pounds per day, lower your dosage. Use only as directed.


NOTE: This product provides the OPTIMAL nutritional ratio of potassium for a maximum absorption.


 Results vary even with a high quality product.


 solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgCOLON DETOX  PLUS



 at 60%+ Off  (with Combo Pack)

 Advance Formula 


 500 mg - Daily Serving Size -  250 mg per Capsule

 60 Capsules



 Tired of that Puffy Tummy and Constipation?


Ultimate solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus  

Supports Natural Digestive well being and Get /Rids of Impurities and Waste from Your Body with Natural Mild Purifying



Suffering from a Sluggish DIGESTION?




Do you want to Kick-start Weight Loss? 

solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus will help you Eliminate:

- Pounds of undigested Food Trapped in the Digestive System
- Parasites, Fatigue, Stomach Aches and Bad Breath
- Get Rid of Uncomfortable Protruding Belly, including gas
- Constipation
- Toxic Sludge from the Walls of the Colon 

solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus will Promote:
- Healthy Bowel Function
- Healthier Metabolism
- Weight Loss
- Regularity and Overall Health
- Healthier Liver
- Better Absorption of Nutrients

Clean  your digestive system with 18 natural proven ingredients now including probiotics to help replenish healthy bacteria and to support more than 70% of your immune system located in the digestive tract. This is your opportunity to start eliminating the root of chronic health conditions that you will never image can be traced back to an unhealthy colon.
Our solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus product is a dual-purpose colon cleaner. It is a natural product that gently and effectively helps to unclog the colon and help restore your digestive system with beneficial bacteria.

Kick-starts Weight Loss

solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus   is also a GREAT way to start a Weight Management Program! 

 solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus is the natural colon cleansing for people that are serious about losing weight and that may need an additional support for their loss program. Cleansing your colon has the advantage of letting you know from the start what is your real weight before and after all that waste is flushed out of your body. This is because a sudden weight loss may happen that it is not related to real fat/weight loss, but it is due to the toxic sludge expelled from the walls of the colon and intestine tract.


 solymar-supplements-logo-co.jpgColon Detox Plus is a   15 Days program. One bottle is all you need to clean your system occasionally several times. Do not take more than 4 capsules a day.


Buy with Confidence




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