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180 Caps - GARCINIA CAMBOGIA X-TREME - 80% HCA Pure Extract

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180 Caps - GARCINIA CAMBOGIA X-TREME - 80% HCA Pure Extract





1,400 mg - Daily Serving Size - 700 mg per capsule

2-4 capsules per day

180 Capsules = 3 Month Supply

Results you can SEE


- Natural Appetite Suppression to help control cravings
- NON-Stimulant - Caffeine FREE
- Reduces Fat Cell Formation to help Reduce Fat Storage
- Controls Sugar Cravings due to Emotional Eating
- Lowers Blood Cortisol Levels to Help Fight Rapid
  Weight Gain
- Converts Stored Fat to Burn as Fuel
- Regulates Blood Sugar to Help Lower Diabetes Risk
- Stabilize Moods to Help Control Emotional Eating
- Increases Serotonin Levels for Better Sleep
- Increases Energy Levels to Increase Fat Burning Ratio
- Lowers LDL Cholesterol to Help Prevent High
  Cholesterol  Risk Complications


Lose weight effortlessly blocking fat production naturally while
burning extra fat stored in your body



Jam Packed with Strongest 80% HCA  

180 Capsules = 3 Months Supply

in a Most Convenient SINGLE Bottle

100% Natural Maximum absorption supplement for Losing Weight and Appetite Control, boosts Serotonin Levels Veggie Capsules with ZERO fillers, BINDERS, artificial ingredients, PEANUTS, milk, LACTOSE, soy, GLUTEN, wheat, YEAST or shellfish. 



garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg improves your health too! Supercharges serotonin for better moods and helps you sleep better. It helps your cholesterol levels to be better too.



3rd. party laboratory tested for purity/quality and guaranteed, our 80% HCA formula is the most powerful Garcinia Cambogia you can get anyplace, to lose the most weight. Up to three times more weight loss than you would get with ordinary diets and  exercising only!

garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg is completely natural, a perfect formula for vegetarians (veggie capsules) and contains NO fillers.


Called the "Holy Grail of Weight Loss" by the most popular TV doctor.

has shown ability to stop excessive fat production and control appetite. Improves lean muscles and makes your body into a fat-blocking machine!
Other positive advantages of garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg
are expanded serotonin levels which can decidedly influence numerous parts of the users lives including humor, slumber, and satiety. 

all this in


1 (ONE)  Bottle = 3 MONTHS of Uninterrupted Supply!

What Sets  garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg  Apart from Competitors?

There are a lot of Garcinia Cambogia products on the market, they usually have only 50% HCA but sold "as" 75%, 80% HCA to make more money. If it is cheap, there is a reason for that. Our garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg has pure 80% HCA guarantee without any lower strength mixed in. Just like all our supplements, our garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg contains only the freshest, purest ingredients, without the fillers and bindings agents that make other supplements cheaper to manufacture and less effective.

Also, each veggie capsule is 700 mg of genuine Garcinia Cambogia (Pure Extract) thought about to just 500 mg or less in contenders' capsules and lower strength of 50% sold as 80% HCA. This implies you need to take one capsule every dosage and get much better results. This makes
garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg a joy and builds the impacts significantly when contrasted with other low quality contenders available on market.

garcinia-cambogia-x-treme-b.jpg INGREDIENTS

1,400 mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract (Garcinia Gummi Gutta) with 80% HCA and the optimal ratio of Potassium, Calcium and Chromium for maximum absorption and nothing else. Calcium, an essential nutritional ingredient for the body, not only helps to maximize the absorption of HCA (the key ingredient for weight loss) but also strength bone, teeth and other essential cell physiology needs.

Results may vary even with a high quality product.

Please use only as directed. Do not exceed 3,000 mg per day or 4 capsules per day. Reduce intake if you start losing weight to fast, since this has been reported in the past.


 RECOMMENDED USE:  As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 veggie capsules twice daily, 1/2 to 1 hour before a meal on an empty stomach.

For BEST Results

Take 2 (Two) veggie capsules
on an empty stomach 30 minutes to 60 minutes
BEFORE each meal daily
and up to 4 (Four) capsules per day
(Maximum daily dose).